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Are you looking for a wine that will give you a true taste of Italy’s finest alcoholic refreshments? Why not take a look at our selection of tasty Italian white wines?

Here at La Cantina Direct, we offer a wide selection of wines that are created with some of the finest quality ingredients to tantalise your taste buds. From Chardonnay to Pinot Grigio, our range of beautifully bottled and crisp wines are guaranteed to keep you coming back for more.

We believe that a wine should be there to compliment your meal, instead of competing to be the best item on the table. With so many wines to choose from, our variety is there so that you can select the perfect wine to fit with your feast.

Our company have been delivering our clients delicious wines for over 10 years, meaning that we will make certain that you will receive an amazing product from a specialist business. So why not choose one of our soft white wines today and experience some of Italy’s tastiest wine brands.

To find out more about our wonderful wines, you can give us a call on 01756 789 779. Alternatively, you can email us at

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