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When you think of Italian wine, do you think of Chianti? Barolo? Barbaresco? How about Arneis or Soave or Gavi? Italy’s white wines are much lesser known than her bold, red cousins. They are light, delicious and affordable.

Italian white wines have a character all of their own. Crisp, soft, and highly acidic, they are made to accompany food, not overpower it. Even Italian wines made from grapes popular elsewhere, such as Chardonnay, take on a slightly different, richer character when grown in Italian soil. Italy’s best white wines are grown, primarily, in the three regions called collectively, “Tre Venezie” (literally, three Venices:) Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige, and Fruili-Venezia Guilia, as well as in Piedmont. The cooler northern climate of these areas adds the crisp flavor to Italian white wines.

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